Labral Tear

What is Labral Tear?

The labrum is a cartilaginous ring surrounding the socket of the hip joint. It is an important structure of the hip joint, forming a seal around the hip and also performing a shock absorbing function. Through injury, degenerative changes or femeroacetabular impingement, the labrum can become torn. This is a source of pain.

How will it affect me?

Typically, labral tears present as groin pain. Sometimes, mechanical symptoms such as locking or a feeling of dislocation of the joint can occur. Labral tears can occur from an acute injury, or from a chronic degenerative process. Labral tears are often seen with femeroacetabular impingement.

It is relatively common for labral tears to be identified but completely asymptomatic.

What is the treatment?

Usually a magnetic resonance scan (MRI) is needed with the use of a contrast dye injected into the hip joint. Occasionally, a labral tear is seen during keyhole surgery of the hip (hip arthroscopy).

If the labrum is suspected to be the cause of pain, it is recommended that a repair of the labrum is performed. This is done using keyhole surgery techniques (hip arthroscopy).

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